Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Countdown Day 7 and A Challenge

I've been taking a class for the past 2 weeks on Reading the Bible, meditation and memorization. It has been refreshing, exciting and challenging as well. I love to read my Bible. But one thing I have trouble with is reading it. I am a slow reader and I have to read things over and over again to understand it. I don't really have a reading plan for reading the Bible. I don't really have a memorization plan.  The only thing I do on a daily basis  is what I read with my boys in the morning during breakfast. If there is a verse that sticks out on that particular passage that we read then I try to meditate on it that day or during the week and try to memorize it as well. But that is really the only thing (plan) I have. So our Pastor whom facilitates this class has challenged us to be memorizing Romans chapter 8 as a church. I am on verse 25. So my challenge to you is to begin memorizing scripture. My thankful heart for today is my mind and His Word. If my mind can retain other information, then it is also capable of memorizing His Word.

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