Monday, July 19, 2010

God's Providence through Financial Struggle

God’s Providence and Reminder through Financial Struggle
HE doesn’t need our help!

Casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.
                                                                                                1 Peter 5:7

In 2007 a lot of changes had taken place in our household. Family time was very scattered because of the multiple jobs my husband had to be able to provide for our family. In July 2007 I was able to see my mom and sister when we visited an aunt in California. My husband called me and told me of a job opportunity, that in the beginning it would be a struggle (being able to manage with just the bare minimum-paycheck to paycheck) but in the long run very profitable and promising.

We decided to take a huge leap of faith and apply for this job. As soon as he interviewed he was hired- he submitted his 2weeks notice- to finish the month off and start a new month fresh at his new job.

The company he had been with for 4 years had direct deposit- well they decided that they had given my husband what was due to him- so they  did a reverse transaction and took back all of my husbands paycheck . At this time there were checks out in the mail waiting to be cleared. After checking our bank statement online, we had zero money and in the red. At this time, of course, because “God isn’t big enough” we (mostly me) decided to panic. I had been praying for a job before all this happened and I was still praying for a job through this all.

I specifically was praying for a PT-job where I didn’t have to work on Wednesday- because I was babysitting a little boy on that day- so that was extra income. I also prayed for a job where I could take my son. A friend called me and told me that there was a job opening in the preschool department at a church. So I called on a Monday. I spoke to someone from the church office that was filling in for that day and I enquired about the job opening for the preschool. She told me she didn’t think they were hiring. I told my husband about it and he said to try calling again (maybe you’ll get someone else on the phone) so I called back the next day, this time I spoke to the church secretary whom wasn’t there the 1st time I had called and she said I needed to speak to the Preschool Director. She transferred me to the Director and she gave me an interview for Thursday that same week.

As I was talking to the preschool director she was telling me about the preschool hours and being off on Wednesday. I knew God had answered my prayer. The director said she had interviewed others but they didn’t seem to be the right person. I got the job! Praise God!

But we still had zero balance in our account and in the red.
On Friday a dear friend and I always got together for a play-date. I was going to call her to cancel, but I believe that God spoke to me that day and said go! So I got ready and got my son ready for us to go. On our way to my friend’s house my mind was all over the place with a big cloud of uncertainty and worry.

My son at that time 2.5 years old said- Mama, music. So I thought OK, We’ll listen to worship music to lift my spirit up and fill my heart with joy again.

As soon as I turned the radio on the commercial breaks were over. The 1st song that was played, spoke about the love of Christ toward me. He told me He loved me. The 2nd song reminded me what Christ did on the cross for me. He told me that He had taken all my burdens. The 3rd reminded me that He would never forsake me and about His faithfulness. He told me He was in control.

As I was hearing the words to each of these songs, tears were flowing down my face and peace that surpasses all understanding filled my heart with unspeakable joy. We arrived at my friend’s house- the commercials on the radio station had started again. I knew that God wanted to remind me in those songs what He had done, and to remind me once again that He was in control of the situation and that there wasn’t a problem big enough that He wouldn’t be able to handle.

At my friend’s house, the friend that I babysat for was there. She handed me an envelope and said this is a gift from my little boy. When I left my friends house I opened the envelope and there was a check for $200. When I arrived at my house I got the mail and opened it. There were other checks. That day the Lord provided for us beyond what the company my husband worked for took from us.  I went to the bank and deposited all the money that was provided for us. No one knew our situation, only God.

What a great lesson and reminder of God’s providence and a reminder to leave our burdens and worries at the Cross and He will do the rest.  He doesn’t need our help. He knew exactly when the money was needed and provided it just in the nick of time.

Thank you Lord for showing me your faithfulness, and for being in control of what happens in our lives. To you alone be the Glory!

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