Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thanksgiving Countdown Day 3

I am a mom to three active little boys. As you can imagine, life with boys is fun and loud. Well today my Kindergartener and I went on a field trip to a doughnut place. We had a fun time, learning about how they make doughnuts and how they fill them. It was very interesting. It was so nice to spend that time with my soon to be 6 year old and leave the other two younger ones at home with my parents. I didn't feel rushed, stressed or out of my mind. Hahah!☺ My thankful heart for today is that I am thankful for having my parents here with me. They have been such a blessing and have helped me so much with the boys! Love them so much!

♥ Karla

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Our Family for His Glory said...

That sounds like such a wonderful time together! How special!!

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