Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving Countdown Day 4 and 5

Yesterday was a busy day for us. I didn't get  a chance to share what I was thankful for yesterday so I am posting 2 in 1 today. Hahaha! :) Yesterday was our last day for our homeschool co-op and has been a true blessing for us.As we where on our way to and from co-op, my son suggested we hear some songs. If you have heard about Family Seeds worship music and have'nt purchased a copy you should. I love singing these songs that are from scripture(literally) with my boys. They are fun and have a great beat and you are learning scrpture! My thankful heart for day 4 is music. I love to sing, I truly enjoy it and it makes me feel joyful.

My thankful heart for day 5 is having a husband that calls me throughout the day to see how my day is going. He calls me just because and he lets me know he is thinking of me. Love him so much! 

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